Hike various trails including the famous El Quetzal trail, whichtakes you directly to Boquete. Venture on your own, on horseback or withan experienced guide.  Please

Coffee Farms and Hot Springs

At Los Quetzales, we have been taking conservation, ethical and organic farming seriously since 1970. Please feel free to visit our onsite vegetable and herb


Guests to Los Quetzales can enjoy a nice, easier hike to nearby smaller waterfalls within the vicinity of our cabins up on our private trails.

Archeological Tour

See pre-colombian artifacts of the Barriles culture at the private Finca Landau near the town of Volcan in Chiriqui, just 20 minutes from us at


Birding Tours at Los Quetzales are very unique and sought after by enthusiasts and experts from around the world. We got our start back in

Finca Dracula

Finca Dracula Orchid Farm – See the award winning Orchids of FincaDracula. Over 2,600 species of orchids including 300 species of DraculaeOrchids. This is within

Guided Horseback Riding for Kids

Take the kids for a nice, safe, guided tour on one of our horses. At Los Quetzales we have 2 smaller, gentle horses that are

Mountain Bike Rentals

Mountain Bike Rentals are a great way to see Cerro Punta, Bajo Grande, and Guadalupe for the adventurous! Explore on your own and see some