Guests to Los Quetzales can enjoy a nice, easier hike to nearby smaller waterfalls within the vicinity of our cabins up on our private trails. For those looking for larger ‘Cascadas’ in the area, there are three main Waterfalls within driving and hiking distance in Chiriqui Province.

El Trueno‘ or ‘Cascada Bregue‘ is located about 25 minutes down the road near the town of Volcan. Located in the neighborhood of Cordillera de Boqueron, you’ll find these wonderful falls in the middle of a private property called ‘Finca El Recuerdo’. 


Waterfall hikes in Chiriqui Panama

El Tatica‘ Waterfall is 44 meters tall and located on the Bajo Mono Trail, which is connected to the El Quetzal Trail to the North of Volcan Baru’. Heading out from Cerro Punta, it’s possible to walk the entire 8km Trail from the Volcan Baru’ Park Warden’s Station at the Entrance of the Quetzal Trail, across to ‘Lost Waterfalls‘ and then connect to the Bajo Mono Trail to see ‘El Tatica’. 

Ambitious hikers will be able to follow the trail around to El Tatica in several hours, and even continue on to Boquete to stay the night there, should they wish. Los Quetzales can send on your luggage should you decide to descend the trail around to Boquete (mostly downhill) so you can enjoy a full day exploring the jungle, its birdlife and wildlife and the delight of finding El Tatica Waterfall! Make sure to pack plenty of water, snacks, and great hiking boots as it gets muddy and rocky, and register with the Park Warden for your safety.

El Quetzal Trail Map
Register at the Volcan Baru Park Warden Station
Register at the Volcan Baru's Park Warden Station at the head of the Quetzal Trail for a safe hike and to receive great bird watching and waterfall spotting tips!