Panama Guided Tours

Our trails are located within two national parks and give you a deep rainforest experience – river crossings, waterfalls, trails with mud and roots (no stairs, pavement or gravel).

The tour leaves from the hotel lobby promptly and departs by foot from the area of the cabañas around 9:00am. The choice of trail for the tour is based on the discretion of the participants. Tours can be arranged at other times for an additional fee.

Horseback ridingOur Tours:

Las Minas (Easy)

One hour – The trail leads to a waterfall, and then leads back the same way.

Las Cascadas (Moderate)

One and a half hour loop – The trail crosses 5 rivers and three sparkling waterfalls.

Millenio (Difficult)

Three hour loop – The trail weaves through primary forest (with largest trees in the National Park) and includes a view of Cerro Punta Valley from a farm.


Other tours available in the area:

La Amistad Loop (Easy)

Flat 2.1 km loop within La Amistad National Park ($3.50 entrance fee). Trails well-marked. No guide needed.

Los Quetzales Trail (Moderate)

6 hour trail to Boquete

Taxi ride ($5 from Los Quetzales) or one hour walk on paved road to reach the entrance of the park (cars cannot pass this point). Additional one hour walk along a 4×4 road from the entrance of the park to the official trail head (and ranger station). Five hour walk from the first ranger station to the next ranger station in Bajo Mono, only eight kilometers from Boquete. From the ranger station, arrange a taxi into Boquete or walk to the bus station (2 km away).

La Amistad Waterfall Trail (Difficult)

1.7 km to waterfall and 1.7 km return. Within La Amistad National Park ($3.50 entrance fee). Trails well-marked. No guide needed.

Cerro Punta Trail (Difficult)

Two and a half hour trek (one and a half hours up and one hour down). Summit a mountain in the Valley of Cerro Punta. Trailhead is only fifteen minutes from our lodge (by foot or car).

Volcano Baru (Very Difficult)

Eleven hour trek (six hours up and five hours down). Summits Volcano Baru. 2 Guides recommended for groups of 3 or more. Overnight trips can be arranged. Tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping mat are available for rent.

Two Oceans (Native)

Six day hike leads all the way to the Caribbean Ocean. Guide highly recommended. A smaller two hour hike along the trail can also be arranged.